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The Ministries within our church are many and varied. Our committee members usually serve for a period of 3 years. Members are recruited towards the end of each year, ready to begin serving at the end of January, after our annual meeting.

Psalm 92: 1-4

1 It is good to give thanks to the LORD, To sing praises to your name, O Most High; 2 To declare your steadfast love in the morning. And your faithfulness by night. 3 to the music of the lute and the harp, to the melody of the lyre. 4 For you, O LORD, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy.

Please feel free to email any one of our staff or volunteers:

Office Secretary –

Youth and Family Christian Education Director, Lily Nutt –
Minister of Music, Sally Wool –
Moderator –

Weddings, Funerals, and Events

Having been blessed with a beautiful, multi-functional building, we believe we are called, as members of Christ’s church, to be good stewards of its use. We understand our building to be more than a physical structure but rather an instrument of our mission in the community we are called to serve. Anyone who desires to use a Church area for a non-Church function must complete a Building Use Request Form and return to the Church Office Administrator. Once approved or denied, the Church Office Administrator will notify the prospective user and, if approved, complete arrangements. All people or organizations must reserve rooms through the Church Office Administrator. Priority of use are given to Church activities and those sponsored by Church organizations. The Office Administrator at his/her discretion may refer requests for extraordinary uses to the Church Council. The Office Administrator will refer requests for extended recurring use to the Church Council. Contact our Office Administrator, Poppy Johnson, at or 603.772.3389 for more information.

Building Use Fee Schedule for For-Profit Organizations

Fee Sanctuary $300 Rust Room $250 Conference Room $50 Upstairs Conference Room 201 $50 Note: (1)(2)(3)&(4) Non-Profit Organizations, non-members, and suggested donation schedule for members Sanctuary $200 Rust Room $175 Conference Room $50 Upstairs Conference Room 201 $50 Note: (1)(2)(3)&(4) Wedding fee schedule for non-members and suggested donation schedule for members Sanctuary $300 Pastor (meetings, rehearsal, and service) $300 Organist /Pianist (1 meeting, rehearsal, and service) $250 Cleaning Service $100 Office Administrator $100 Soloist(s) to be negotiated as required Rust Room reception hall use and cleanup to be negotiated as required Note: (1)(2)(3)&(4) Funeral fee schedule for non-members and suggested donation schedule for members Pastor $300 Organist/Pianist $250 Cleaning Service $100 Office Administrator $100 Note: (1)(3)&(4) Notes: (1) The Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify or waive the above fee schedule (2) Use of the Kitchen is permitted but not use of the stove, oven, or dishwasher. (3) The Board of Trustees reserves the right to deny any person or group access to Church property, if their behavior is deemed offensive or in opposition to Church values and doctrine. (4) Previous day set up/rehearsal will be a 50% additional donation.

Our many ways to serve

At Stratham Community Church there are many ways to serve. Ask about how you may use your talents to further “the good works.”

  • • Trustees • Deacons • Christian Education • Music • Church Suppers • Stratham Circle Learning Center (SCLC) • Clothes Attic • Delegates to Rockingham UCC • Historical • Human Resources • Mission and Justice • Nominating • Pastoral Relations • Property • Publicity • Stewardship • Women's Guild

Come and join us!

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have regardign our ministry and community services.

  • We want to welcome you to our church
  • We celebrate inclusiveness and diversity in our congregation
  • We offer a church community of like minded individuals who believe in the power of faith and the glory of God