About Us

Welcome to the Stratham Community Church, UCC!

Find out more about us:

Mission will present our church’s Vision and Core Values statements.

SCC’s Staff will introduce you to our Pastor, Secretary, Youth and Family Christian Education Director, Music Director, and our Sexton.

  • We also are privileged to have the services of our Pastoral Counseling Minister, Rev. Allan Lurvey.

Leadership & Volunteers will show the Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, and Vice-treasurer, and other members of our Board of Trustees as well as our list of all committee and board members.

  • Our Executive Council is comprised of a representative from each of our Boards or Committees, and meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Church Newsletters provides a list of recent church newsletter, entitled StratChat, for you to select and read, produced by our Publicity Committee.

ByLaws for the most recent version of our church’s Bylaws.

We hope to see you in Worship on Sunday! Please join us for coffee and conversation immediately after Worship in our fellowship hall, named the Rust Room after Henry Rust, the first pastor of the Stratham Community Church.

Again, Welcome!