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Stratham Community Church, United Church of Christ

Summer, Sunday Worship begins at 9.30 am.  Join us!  


News and Updates at Stratham Church:

  • Our Summer Worship Schedule begins June 24th and last through August 26th! Summer Worship begins at 9.30 am. Child care is provided each Sunday.
  • Worship Program for July 8, 2018


  • Ice Cream Church Services:

         Not everyone can make it to a Sunday morning service during our over-scheduled summers and Rev. Patty Mardsen and Rev. Jonathan will be offering Ice Cream Church             Services this summer. These family friendly, informal worship services will rotate between Stratham and Newmarket on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6 pm. A typical service might include: a hymn sing; prayer time; a scripture reading (the same scripture that we explored on Sunday…but we may act it out, try a craft, or have a group activity to help us listen for God’s still voice through this passage); discussion with Q&A, storytelling or a personal reflection, thankful dollars, communion, and ice cream! People can participate has much or as little as they want. Kids and youth are welcome to join right in, add their insights, and tell the good news of Jesus throughout the service!

Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends and neighbors!

Our schedule will be:

  • July 19 @ Stratham (Thursday)
  • July 25 @ Newmarket (Wednesday)
  • August 2 @ Stratham (Thursday)
  • August 8 @ Newmarket (Wednesday)
  • August 16 @ Stratham (Thursday)
  • August 22 @ Newmarket (Wednesday)
  • August 30 @ Stratham (Thursday)




No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here! Always seeking God’s will and led by the example of Jesus Christ as Lord, we are a community of people who care for each other, honor all generations, reach out to individuals and families, and embrace people of diverse human experience. We want to be aware of, involved in, and committed to ministries of peace, outreach, mission, concern for the environment, and social justice. All are welcome here!


 Worship is held in our beautiful 250-seat Sanctuary every Sunday morning. In Winter, Spring and Fall, we begin at 10:00 am. During the summer, worship begins at 9:00 am. Dates for the transitions are well-publicized. Summer services are usually shorter, and more casual, without a choir. Read more…