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Stratham Community Church, United Church of Christ

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This week’s Bulletin:  July 21,2019                                                                                                                   

Lent and Holy Week 2019

This year our Lent and Holy Week theme is “Listen: Hearing that Still Small Voice and Finding Your Own Voice.” This powerful 40-day journey will prepare us for our Easter celebration and ministry by empowering us to listen. Listening is hard in our busy and loud society. There is so much noise and so many distractions.

Have you ever lost your cell phone when the ringer was turned off? You ask someone to call your phone and then ask everyone to be quiet. You get as still and quiet as possible, you close your eyes, and you concentrate as hard as you can to try to hear that small sound of a vibrating phone. This Lent will be the same. We will be trying to quiet ourselves while concentrating our attention to listen for the “still, small voice” of God and our own true selves as we share who we are and allow the Spirit to lead us. Listening through prayer and meditation as the most ancient Biblical spiritual practices and this Lent, we will work to improve and enrich our prayer lives as a gift to ourselves, as a gift to our families and communities, and as a gift for our Creator.




No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here! Always seeking God’s will and led by the example of Jesus Christ as Lord, we are a community of people who care for each other, honor all generations, reach out to individuals and families, and embrace people of diverse human experience. We want to be aware of, involved in, and committed to ministries of peace, outreach, mission, concern for the environment, and social justice. All are welcome here!

 Worship is held in our beautiful 250-seat Sanctuary every Sunday morning. In Winter, Spring and Fall, we begin at 10:00 am. During the summer, worship begins at 9:30 am. Dates for the transitions are well-publicized. Summer services are usually shorter, and more casual, without a choir. Read more…